I was fascinated as a child of paleoanthropology . I was about 9-10 years old when I tried with much joy and excitement to reconstruct a head of Australopithecus . My parents , especially my mother was not thrilled with my early passion for ancient apes . One day , she absolutely forbade me to reconstruct prehistoric apes . Mother's decision disappointed me but I had no choice. My mother was and is a very religious woman and I think my concern for ancient apes conflicts with religious ideas . Many years have passed since then, but my attraction to prehistory remained intact . A few years ago I accidentally saw a reconstruction of Kennis brothers . I think it was a Neanderthal . It amazed by the talent and originality . They have re - started my passion for paleo anthropology .
I created this blog to my satisface my pleasure to bring to life humanoids that lived many millions of years ago. It's fascinating !

Friday, December 18, 2015

Australopithecus africanus. Reconstitution.

Australopithecus africanus. Reconstitution.
Is an extinct (fossil) species of the australopithecines, the first of an early ape-form species to be classified as hominin.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


The Atapuerca Mountains (Sierra de Atapuerca in Spanish) is an ancient karstic region of Spain, in the province of Burgos, Castile and Leon and near Atapuerca and Ibeas de Juarros. It contains several caves, where fossils and stone tools of the earliest known Hominins in West Europe have been found, belonging to the species Homo antecessor (or Homo erectus antecessor) and Homo heidelbergensis. The earliest hominids may have dated to 1.2 million years ago, representing the first in Western Europe. "The Archeological Site of Atapuerca" has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Miller cave woman.

A smile who walked through the approximately 47,000-41,000 years.
Skull identified by Fowke as a young woman between 20 and 25 years of age. He reported that the burial was flexed, on her right side with her head towards the east. The "near perfect" condition of the skeleton and the shallow depth of burial would suggest that the burial was made during the Mississippi Period or Historic Period. The photograph shows a prognathic face that is very robust.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Gigantopithecus. Encounters of the Third .

Encounters of the Third .

Gigantopithecus a fost o specie de maimuta care a trait in urma cu aproximativ o sută de mii de ani. Gigantopithecus blacki avea in jur de 3m inaltime si peste 540kg. Extinctia acestei specii nu a fost brusca cu siguranta , un numar redus de exemplare supravietuind pana in perioda neolitica, cel putin. Asa se explica povestile devenite folclor, cu gigantul paros, Yeti. A trait in zonele vaste ale Chinei de azi. Datorita dimensiunilor mari, cu siguranta nu avea un trai arboricol, ci mai degraba biped. Probabil ca specia a ajuns sa populeze si zonele de nord ale americii, Alaska si Canada, ajungand acolo prin stramtoarea Bering, alimentand legenda lui Bigfoot. Au fost identificate trei specii  G.‭ ‬blacki,‭ ‬G.‭ ‬bilaspurensis si ‬G.‭ ‬giganteus. Nu cred ca mai exista vreu-un exemplar acum, dar povestile transmise din generatie in generatia, l-au facut inca prezent si viu, pana in zilele noastre.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gorilla Écorché.

...Silverback Gorilla is at least 20 times stronger then 20 Strong men! Now If you would take the STRONGEST men in the world and combine their Strength together against that of a Silverback Gorilla, yeah then you’ll definitely need less men to compare against the Phenomenal Strength the Silverback Gorilla possesses. But not much, as a matter of fact, I think that the Gorilla can easily take 5-8 of the Strongest men in the world on a pound for pound basis, break both their arms & legs in a blink of an eye and rip their heads off in a split second! That is, if you really got him pissed off and angry as hell! Wich would be a very bad idea and I don’t recommend you do that… EVER!...